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The weight loss specialists at Indy Weight Loss are dedicated to helping clients reach their weight loss goals. This blog post and video discuss the role of weight loss specialists.

doctor and patient discus the weight loss program and treatment
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Our weight loss specialists are committed to helping our patients set and reach their weight loss and health goals. From nutrition and movement to meditation and medication, the clinic uses the tools and teams necessary for our clients to be successful.

We understand that there are a million reasons for weight gain, and another million reasons why losing it seems so hard. In the end, sustainable weight reduction isn’t about finding another crazy diet, a strenuous life-consuming exercise regimen, or booking an invasive surgery. It doesn’t have to be about a prescription medication that ramps up your heart rate or metabolism. Our weight loss clinic in won’t give you another thing to chart, count, measure, or feel bad about. Enough is enough.

Our weight loss program was devised by physicians who understand the challenges real weight loss entails. The program and protocol are stress-free. Our staff training is extensive, and every patient experiences excellent care, great communication, and compassionate coaching. Making an appointment is easy, keeping it even easier. We are committed to short to no wait times, easy payment options, and convenient appointment times.

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Learn more about the weight loss specialists and the weight loss program at Indy Weight Loss (https://weightlossindy.com/) by visiting the clinic website. To schedule a weight loss consultation, call (463) 222-0909.