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    Indy Weight Loss
    5455 W 86th St #260, Indianapolis, IN 46268

    Phone: (463) 222-0909

    Email: newclient @ weightlossindy.com

    The Indianapolis Weight Loss clinic is dedicated to providing the safest, and most affordable weight loss program in the Indianapolis area. Our doctor prescribed formula is Doctor approved, but unlike most medications, our protein-based formula means life with no hunger, and more energy. This formula is the most innovative development in the weight loss industry in over 20 years, and it is 100% safe and effective. And, the program is supervised by a trained, experienced weight loss physician, with your health our top priority.


    Indianapolis Weight Loss is the best weight loss program for those seeking a medication-based solution that has no side effects and is easy to incorporate into your busy life. No complicated plan where you spend all your waking hours obsessing over food and calorie counting. Instead, this is a safe, well-researched, Doctor approved weight reduction therapy, unlike any other. We’ll administer a formula with proteins your body produces naturally, and combine it with a key weight loss nutrient, B-12. Unlike prescription drugs that can increase heart rate, or invasive surgery with a long recovery, you can experience a simple weight loss formula that works. We use proteins your body already produces to curb hunger, so you feel fuller, longer, after eating less. For a new patient consultation at our weight loss clinic call (463) 222-0909.