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What is Doctor Prescribed Weight Loss Indianapolis?


Losing weight is one of the most complex decisions one has to make since they first have to decide to do it and then choose how they are going to shed the extra weight. There are multiple ways a person can lose weight, such as taking fat burners and extreme exercise, but none of these methods are as effective as a weight loss program prescribed by the doctor. A weight loss program prescribed by the doctor involves taking doctor prescribed weight loss medication.


For the past 20 years, doctors have been prescribing weight loss medication like Phentermine and Adipex and other amphetamine-based weight loss drugs. These weight loss medications have proven to produce results but at the expense of the patients. In a bid to lose weight much faster, some patients have chosen surgical weight loss programs, which tend to have some severe side effects to some patients. So, before someone seeking to lose weight decides to settle on a weight loss procedure, it’s wise that the person consults the services of a weight loss physician. A weight loss doctor will prescribe a patient a weight loss program that won’t cause any side effects and ensure that the patient’s goals and desires are achieved.


Seeking medical weight loss advice in the Indianapolis area? Then the Indianapolis weight loss clinic is the place to get it. The clinic contains a top specialist with losing weight, and it also offers the best program for losing losing weight in the region. The service provided at the Indianapolis weight loss clinic are all patient-centered. The staff at the clinic have all been well trained in sensitivity, inclusivity, and compassion since losing weight is quite challenging, and anyone going through it requires physical, mental, and emotional support.

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Doctor Prescribed Weight Loss in Indianapolis - Doctor Prescribed Weight Loss for Indianapolis - Call (463) 222-0909

What Are the Advantages of a Weight Loss Program That Is Doctor Recommended?


Losing weight is not an easy task that a person can just wake up and choose that they are going to lose weight, and the extra weight magically disappears. Losing weight is a process that requires to be doctor supervised. There are multiple benefits of enrolling in a weight reduction program that is doctor recommended. These advantages include:


  • No side effects once a doctor recommends a weight loss program to a patient, they must consider the patient’s medical history and how the patient’s body will react to that program.
  • Monitoring with a doctor recommended weight loss program, the patient is assured of constant supervision, and the doctor can readjust the program in case of any adverse reaction.
  • Support- once a patient enrolls in a doctor recommended weight loss program, they are constantly offered help by the clinic’s staff, both emotional, physical, and mental.
  • Assured results – a doctor recommended program is usually a tried and proven one; as a result, the patient is assured of permanent results.
  • Safety a doctor recommended weight loss program is usually a medically supervised weight loss program that observes the latest techniques and is performed in a controlled environment assuring the patient of their health safety.


Also, once a patient enrolls in a weight loss program recommended by a doctor during the consolation appointment, the weight loss specialist will take that chance to explain to the patient the risks and benefits of losing weight. Once given all the information, the patient will then be able to make a well-informed choice.


As much as a doctor prescribed weight loss Indianapolis program is the best, a patient must first confirm the clinics and the doctor’s credentials are to be trusted to avoid getting taken advantage of. There have been multiple cases of fraud involving individuals masquerading as weight loss physicians. As a result, the recent fraud survey by the FTC placed weight loss on top of its list as the most fraudulent sector.

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Doctor Prescribed Weight Loss Indianapolis: Our Philosophy


For the past decades, the process of losing weight involved doctors prescribing amphetamine-based weight loss treatments, and some even recommended surgical weight loss programs for their patients. As time passed, these treatments proved to cause more harm than good, with some results not even being permanent and requiring the continuous intake of slimming drugs by the patients. With such unreliable results, the weight loss doctor at the Indianapolis weight loss clinic decided to create the perfect weight loss treatment based on his experience as a doctor and as someone who has gone through the weight loss program.


The desire for the perfect and affordable weight loss treatment led to the creation of this revolutionary weight loss treatment that the doctor can customize to meet each patient’s weight loss needs. This treatment is based on the protein peptide, which is part of the chain of amino acids that serves various functions; one of them is controlling a person’s appetite and satiety also because proteins are responsible for the formation and development of muscles in the body. The idea of peptides came from observing patients who had undergone gastric surgery whose bodies reacted to low calories by spiking the peptide levels in the body. This drug is also combined with B12 to increase its efficiency since B12 can increase the body’s metabolic rate.


Since this medication for weight loss proved to be successful and presented almost no side effects, it was quickly Doctor approved. This treatment is now being utilized all across the country by all weight loss specialists, offering weight loss patients a much more affordable and efficient weight loss option to consider. Though this treatment isn’t available to all people, specifically those who suffer or have suffered from:


  • MEN1 or multiple endocrine neoplasia 1
  • Thyroid cancer.
  • Frequent pancreatitis.


But those who qualify for the treatment must follow the doctor’s orders for desired results. The dosage for this drug is gradual and weekly, and the patient must pay the weekly visits to the doctor for monitoring and progress reports.

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Learn More About the Weight Loss Program


Never let anyone prevent you from getting what’s yours, and access to the best weight loss program is your right. So, instead of wasting money on risky programs, do the wise thing and book a weight consultation. At the Indianapolis weight loss center, all patients are assured of quality services and treatment with the custom blend revolutionary weight loss drug, which we can rightfully claim as ours. For more information on our clinic’s programs and about this game-changing drug, visit the clinic website or call (463) 222-0909. Also, the consultation is free, and no one is obligated to commit after.

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Mildred Brinkley, a skilled medical and science writer, simplifies complex concepts on the Indy Weight Loss website.