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Let’s take a minute to talk about Will Ratcliffe, the bloke who translates the language of science into words we all can understand. A staple on the Indy Weight Loss clinic website, Will has a knack for dissecting complex health and science news and piecing them back together into a story that’s as fascinating as it is informative. With a solid background in both science and communications, he’s a juggler of facts and figures, making sure no detail goes unnoticed.

But there’s more to Will than meets the eye. When he’s not enlightening the world with his articles, he’s out and about, exploring his city or sleeping under the stars. Whether it’s working on his latest DIY project or planning his next camping adventure, Will’s love for discovery and hands-on activities is as much a part of him as his love for writing. And it shows in his work, bringing a refreshing dose of real-life experiences to his informative writing.

Now, if you’re sitting there thinking, “Gosh, I’d like to read more of his stuff,” or “How do I tell him what a great job he’s doing?”—you’re in luck! Follow Will on Twitter @willtratcliffe for his latest updates, or better yet, drop him a line at willtratcliffe@gmail.com. Will Ratcliffe, the man who brings you the world of science, one understandable piece at a time.