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Wanda Ratliff – Personal Stories and Case Studies

Meet Wanda Ratliff, a master wordsmith and a regular on the Indy Weight Loss clinic website. She spins ordinary personal stories and case studies into extraordinary narratives that stick to your memory like your favorite song. Armed with a college degree in creative writing and a handful of online writing courses, she paints reality with a palette of words, sketching vivid pictures that tug at your heartstrings.

Wanda’s got a unique way of doing things, you see. She believes in keeping her writing as informal and personal as a backyard chat with a friend over a cup of coffee. And speaking of backyards, when she’s not crafting engrossing tales, you’ll find her in her little green haven, tending to her plants or practicing her yoga poses – a serene balance to her vibrant storytelling.

Ever wished to peek into her world of words or maybe drop a line or two of your thoughts? Wanda’s made it a breeze! Visit her blogs at wandaieratlifff.wordpress.com or check out her Tumblrs at wandaieratlifff.tumblr.com and https://wandaieratlifff.wordpress.com Or better yet, connect directly with her via email at wandaieratlifff@gmail.com. Wanda Ratliff, the name behind the stories that remind us of the beauty and complexity of human life.