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Many people look for a phentermine prescription when they are looking to lose weight. With a proven weight loss treatment program and the Indianapolis weight loss medication, a custom-formulated medication, people can successfully and safely lose weight. Living a stressful life can interfere with people losing weight, especially after trying ineffective diets and exercise programs. While millions of Americans are struggling or previously struggled with losing weight, the truth is that doctors, big pharma, and weight-loss companies are not completely honest in advertising. The aggregate medical cost for adults with obesity issues is over $260 billion, and the diet/weight-loss sector is a $71 billion industry in the United States. Continue reading this report to discover an alternative clinical program, the side effects of the medicine, how it works, and where to find a Phentermine doctor.

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What is Phentermine and How Does it Work?


Essentially the medicine is a protein that naturally develops in the body muscles starting after birth but unfortunately decreases over the years. When taking phentermine, it enters the blood barrier in the brain and the hippocampus, helping to control the appetite and fullness. Interestingly, a study revealed that people secreted 10-times the protein amount after receiving a bypass surgery. By the stomach reducing or shrinking, it may be logical to think that the procedure would help patients stop the sensation of eating.


The naturally occurring protein combined with a non surgical weight loss program is an better alternative to meet each patient’s needs. It releases epinephrine, an agent that responds to stress and hunger sensations while breaking down the stored fat in the body. Studies found that Adipex, an amine anorectic phentermine brand, along with behavioral modification and the weight-loss program, can be a success.


In this program, doctors start the patients on a quarter dose for two weeks, increase it to half for an additional week or two, and then to full dosage, when the effects usually kick in. Coating the medication with B12 helps with the energy-burning process and can be custom blended in different ways for each patient. It is a vitamin source additive that enables the fullness reaction and the ability to increase the metabolism that naturally burns stored body fat.


Determining how long it takes for people to start losing pounds depends on their weight and body mass index. For an individual with a high body mass index and weighing 400 pounds or more, for example, the weight loss is more rapid. Many of them lost over 100 pounds in twelve months of participating in a doctor supervised weight-loss program and taking the B12-coated medicine. Even people with a lower body mass index wanting to return to their desired size received positive results.

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Common Side Effects of Phentermine and other Weight Loss Medications


Before speaking on the common side effects, it is worth mentioning that all medicines have them, especially those that are amphetamine-based. Some amphetamine prescriptions can have serious side effects that can damage the heart, causing a rapid rate and jitters. Taking these meds does not control the cravings for food, which results in patients still feeling hungry. Remember, the reaction to that medication can differ from yours when prescribed phentermine coated with B12. The Indianapolis phentermine prescription is a protein or peptide which may cause gastric problems, such as mild:


  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting or Nausea


Because the medication for the weight loss program combines custom-blended phentermine, the side effects are very mild for most patients. Approximately five percent of patients reported some nausea or vomiting side effect. To help with nausea, the doctor will add Zofran, a medicine for treating the symptom. When taking the medication for four months or longer, patients reported they experienced constipation.


During the first two weeks, there may be some loose bowel movements (BMs), a common side effect. Less than five percent of patients reported nausea when using the medicine with Zofran. After taking it for four to five months, some patients may experience occasional constipation. Mild constipation, diarrhea, and nausea are normal and have never stopped patients from completing the weight-loss program. One reason is that the doctor starts each patient on a quarter dose and monitors the effects carefully to determine if the dosage needs to increase or decrease.


A part of the medical weight-loss treatment plan is to report all side effects to the doctor, mild or severe when taking weight-loss meds. Working with a reputable clinic on a medicated weight loss journey can produce long-term results and transform the patients’ lifestyles. For better results in any weight-loss program, we recommend consulting with a weight-loss clinic specializing in custom-blended phentermine medicine as a treatment.

This article is for informational purposes and should not be taken as medical advice. If you are considering taking any supplement, including GLP-1, it is essential to discuss your health history and current medications with your doctor before beginning a weight loss program.

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Finding the Right Weight Loss Medication


At Doctor’s Medical Weight-Loss Clinic, medical specialists work with people struggling with weight to help them lose excessive pounds naturally. No other weight-loss program is more effective than ours that can produce faster results and allow patients to eat what they desire but in smaller portions. With the tailored natural protein and support, it is easy to modify your eating habits and make lifestyle adjustments.


The New Times and various TV networks said that medical weight loss treatment and custom-blended medicine could be the “holy grail.” The Doctors, a popular television program, said it is a game-changer and “regulates appetite and food intake to help you feel full faster…and according to the Doctor, it seems to work.” It is the best program to help you lose weight and achieve success in quickly losing weight naturally.


Receive positive benefits, including trusted weight-loss management services with federal-approved medicine tested for safety and possible side effects. Recent clinical trials conducted by the Doctor (Food & Drug Administration) are reporting this new drug can reduce body weight by 15 percent on average, with long-term results of 30 percent. Doctor’s Medical Weight-Loss Clinic is receiving positive reviews based on research. New England Journal of Medicine and researchers reported a 20 percent weight reduction in patients.


Our patients do not have to starve themselves or eat specific foods to lose weight, a benefit of the program. There is no need to starve yourself dieting or eat specific types of food. Let one of the weight loss specialists provide the facts about the revolutionary new weight loss treatment. All patients start on a one-milligram dose of the medicine in the beginning. A specialist with losing weight will make the necessary titration adjustments during the monitoring process to ensure it is safe to receive in full dose.

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Schedule Your Weight Loss Consultation Today


The Doctor approved custom-blend medicine for people struggling with their weight can be a the best natural solution. Take the first step to reaching your goals today by calling (463) 222-0909 to schedule a free weight loss consultation. Visit our clinic to learn more about the custom-blended natural weight-loss treatment.

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Mildred Brinkley, a skilled medical and science writer, simplifies complex concepts on the Indy Weight Loss website.