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The weight loss programs at Indy Weight Loss have been created by and personally used by a weight loss doctor. This video briefly discusses how the guidance of a weight loss doctor can be helpful for many people.

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This medication was designed by a top weight loss doctor and his partner in the practice, also a medical weight loss specialist. After years of working with patients, these two physicians longed for an option that did not involve Phentermine or Adipex, which are medications not everyone can take, or afford. These two spent years researching food consumption, digestion, and hunger regulation and came up with a simple solution: increase your natural proteins, known as peptides.

Research shows an exponential increase in these proteins following gastric bypass surgery. The proteins alert the system involved in regulating hunger and digestion, that after very little food, you are full and satisfied. As the doctors began to understand how peptides safely and naturally communicate to the body that small portions of food are enough, they devised this now Doctor-approved weight loss therapy, which also incorporates B-12, another key nutrient needed for weight loss.

Clinics can now offer this doctor-prescribed weight loss solution, as long as there is a trained medical physician on staff. This includes the Indy Weight Loss clinic.

The Advantages of Weight Loss Treatment with Doctor-approved Peptides

Weight loss treatment with Doctor-approved peptides like GLP-1 (Glucagon Like Peptide 1) offers a safe and effective solution for weight management. GLP-1 works by making you feel full, helping to regulate food intake, and promoting weight loss over time. At Indy Weight Loss, weight loss doctors create tailored weight management plans that use GLP-1 to help patients reach their weight goals safely and effectively. With this individualized approach, weight loss treatment with Doctor-approved peptides can help people achieve their desired weight safely and effectively.

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