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Indy Weight Loss is a weight loss clinic in Indianapolis that relies on the experience of a weight loss physician as the foundation of the weight loss program that it provides. This video and blog post discusses the importance of having a weight loss physician when starting any plan to reduce weight.

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The medication that we use was designed by a top weight loss doctor and his partner in the practice, also a medical weight loss specialist. After years of working with patients, these two physicians longed for an option that did not involve Phentermine or Adipex, which are medications not everyone can take, or afford. These two spent years researching food consumption, digestion, and hunger regulation and came up with a simple solution: increase your natural proteins, known as peptides.

Research shows an exponential increase in these proteins following gastric bypass surgery. The proteins alert the system involved in regulating hunger and digestion, that after very little food, you are full and satisfied. As the doctors began to understand how peptides safely and naturally communicate to the body that small portions of food are enough, they devised this now Doctor-approved weight loss therapy, which also incorporates B-12, another key nutrient needed for weight loss.

Clinics can now offer this doctor-prescribed weight loss solution. The best weight loss program is always under the supervision of a medical professional. There are many complicated causes for weight gain and overall health is the number one concern when losing weight. Ultimately, our goal is the overall health and wellness of our patients, not just losing pounds. So we make sure every visit involves the advice from medical professionals.

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