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Your Initial Weight Loss Consultation


It requires massive bouts of strength for someone to admit that they have a weight problem and even more to decide that they want to undergo a weight reduction regimen. Several facilities offer medically supervised weight loss programs in the Indianapolis region, but one of the leading facilities in this field is the Indianapolis Weight Loss Consultation clinic. At the clinic, we have one of the world’s best weight loss specialists with whom you can schedule an appointment.


We advise our patients to book an appointment with the doctor before deciding on what kind of weight loss procedure they want to enroll in since there are several such as non-surgical and surgical weight loss procedures. Also, at our facility, we strive to offer services that are customer oriented since we believe that the weight loss journey is not only about the physical aspects but also about mental and emotional aspects. Hence during the consultation, the physician will sit down and examine you and prescribe which program suits you.


The attending will also explain the benefits you’ll reap after losing weight. These benefits include:


  • The reversal of severe health conditions such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and high cholesterol levels
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Decreased appetite, which in turn would help you reduce your spending at the grocery store
  • Increased productivity and efficiency at work which can result in a salary increase as a result of promotions
  • Lowered expenditure, especially on fundamentals like transport, health-related costs and insurance
  • Better relationships, especially with your partner, family, workmates and friends


Additionally, if it’s discovered that you qualify for the non surgical weight loss plan, you’ll be informed of our recently Doctor approved revolutionary weight loss drug. The drug is one of its kind since this is the first such approval for a new class of weight loss remedy in the last eight years.

Weight Loss Consultation Indianapolis - Weight Loss Consultation in Indianapolis - Call (463) 222-0909

The Prescription Medications We Use for Eagledale


Most weight loss practitioners prefer diet pills, expensively assembled weight loss tools and prepackaged meals while advising you to stay away from some of your favorite dishes. But at the weight loss clinic, that’s not the case. As stated above, our clinic uses a new revolutionary drug recently approved by the Doctor to help you in your weight loss journey. The drug we use is a custom blend of well-researched medical weight-losing treatments designed to suit each patient’s needs.


Our weight loss drug is based upon a naturally occurring protein known as peptide since its proteins are responsible for our muscle development and formation. However, as we grow, these proteins tend to reduce. Our weight loss specialist leaned on the fact that the protein peptide can penetrate the blood-brain barrier between the brain and the spinal cord. After penetrating the blood-brain barrier, the protein moves to the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that controls our appetite and satiety.


Once the protein reaches the hippocampus, your appetite will drastically reduce, thus enabling you to lose weight without needing special diets or exercise. To improve the drug’s effectiveness, our specialist also developed a way in which the drug could be custom blended with B12, which helps on the periphery while the protein tackles your satiety. The purpose of B12 is to elevate your body’s metabolic rate, which is the rate at which your body burns energy. As for the dosage, the specialist will formulate a custom dose that suits your needs. With a weekly dose, your body’s protein level will increase; hence, you’ll feel much fuller for extended periods after consuming small portions of food. The B12 will also boost your metabolism, energy and circulation.

Weight Loss Prescriptions Indianapolis - Weight Loss Prescriptions for Indianapolis - Call (463) 222-0909

What Makes Us Great


At our clinic, we believe that the best way to lose weight is through medically supervised weight loss and our Doctor-approved drug. This remedy will help you achieve your perfect body since, with most diet pills, you must keep taking them; once you stop, your body reverts to its former self. We also believe that losing weight should be gradually and not a one-time thing. Our drug ensures that you lose weight responsibly without giving up on your favorite foods and improves your mood and energy level while curbing your cravings and appetite.


Since we base our services on your needs and desires, we’ll serve you with the utmost care and dignity. On your first visit to our clinic, the attending will record your health history and baseline statistics and then lay out all your options. Also, you’ll be educated on all the other ways you can lose weight, the components of our dug, and their benefits. Your health history is crucial since it helps us understand if you qualify for our revolutionary drug since individuals who suffer or have suffered from certain illnesses are not regarded as viable candidates for this sort of treatment. Diseases that may bar you from our treatment include:


  • MEN1 or multiple endocrine neoplasia 1
  • Thyroid cancer.
  • Frequent pancreatitis.


Our weight loss prescription has really changed the lives of our patients, with the majority of them reporting that on the first day of taking our remedies, they felt instant results like they felt full after eating a small portion of food and with B12 being part of the blend they were bursting with energy. Our treatment offers all these benefits, which also don’t contain the side effects such as mood swings associated with most regular weight loss pills. To ensure that the desired results are achieved, we advise you to keep up with your weekly checkups so that we can keep track of the progress you make, and if there are any problems, the necessary adjustments can be made.

Weight Loss Consultation Indianapolis- Indy Weight Loss - Call (463) 222-0909

Schedule A Weight Loss Consultation Eagledale IN


Ever found yourself surfing the internet with the question weight loss clinic near me or weight loss doctors near me typed into your search bar? If yes, you most likely have weight loss consultation questions that need answering, so look no further; the best weight loss drug is now available in Indianapolis. We specialize in doctor prescribed weight loss, so don’t waste your money on plans that won’t work and book a weight loss consultation with us. Also, our consultation services are free, and you won’t be obligated to us. So, pick up the phone and call us at (463) 222-0909.

Our weight loss clinic provides weight loss consultation for clients from these Indianapolis, Indiana areas:


Mile Square, Broad Ripple, Fountain Square, Traders Point, Haughville, Decatur, Christian Park, Woodruff Place, Sebring Court, Bates-Hendricks, Meridian-Kessler, Martindale – Brightwood, Lockerbie Square, Lockerbie, Scarborough Lake, Butler-Tarkington, Fletcher Place, Chapel Glen, West Indianapolis, Fall Creek Place, Fall Creek, Eagledale, Old Northside, Herron Morton, North Willow Farms, Lake Maxinhall Estates, Chatham-Arch, Irvington Historic District, Lake Kesslerwood, Kesslerwood, Cameron Meadows, Westchester Estates, Westchester, Drexel Gardens, Steinmeier Estates, Steinmeier, Windham Lake, Windham, Devington, Hill Valley Estates, Hill Valley, St. Joseph Historic Neighborhood, Park Fletcher, Ransom Place, Ransom, Snacks / Guion Creek, Brendonwood, Cole-Noble District, Cole-Noble, Oliver Johnson’s Woods, Park Valley Estates, Park Valley, Camby, Ballinshire Estates/ Cobblestone, Historic Meridian Park, Meridian Park, Liberty Creek North, Avon Creek Estates, Avon Creek, Chapel Hill Village, Kessler Commons, Raymond Park, Beaumont on the Green


Learn more about our Indianapolis clinic and the weight loss consultations that we offer here.

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